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 ThunderClan Cats (The Cats That Have Been Accepted)

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PostSubject: ThunderClan Cats (The Cats That Have Been Accepted)   Fri Jun 06, 2008 3:54 am

Thunderstar ~ tom ~ Gray-blue tom with a scar on his tail and a few small ones on his muzzle. His eyes are bright blue and shine brighter when bright out ~ He's smart, brave, a great leader, knows what's best for his Clan, cares about what happens in it, and doesn't risk lives when it isn't needed.
Med Cat:
Pheasantflower ~ she ~ a tabby mied with a torti. Has feather like designs on pelt. Has a feather like tail. Very sleek, smooth loooking. Skinny. Easy on the eyss, has topaz/honey colored eyes ~ fun, sweet, kind, caring, knowledgable. Easy going, funny, calm. Very, very protective ~ from living on her own since kit hood she has traveled on from clan to clan, she has found this one as her favorite. But has learned medicine and fighting skills on her own, has own style and own hunting techniques. But knows very much about medicine, but is still temtped by love.

Roseheart ~ she ~ Sleek and shiny white pelt with deep mysterious marron eyes that make you remmeber a happy memory she kinda trances you. Lots of fresh wound and scars a rose birthmark on her ankle ~ Inteligent Sweet caring caring gentle brave bold outgoing ~ Been a rougue and has a terrible traumatic past

Sandpaw ~ she ~ a sandy, very strong she-cat. Has a sandy/reddish pelt. Very smooth, best for hunting in woods. Doesn't leap very high ~ Has an awesome personality, is quite snappy, doesn't welcome new-comers too well. Very protective of her friends, bold, protective, flirty at times.
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ThunderClan Cats (The Cats That Have Been Accepted)
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