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 My Birthday Party!! You're not invited

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PostSubject: My Birthday Party!! You're not invited   Sat Jul 05, 2008 4:53 pm

Not not not invited. Lol ok

It's on a big lake Pistakee on probably the only but I don't really know. Ok ok ya well

I'm going to set up the most awsome tent in the whole world. It has a peek hole and a storage place! I'm going to put all my webbies inside when we play.

Noodle Races
In the water there are these foam sticks called noodles and we're going to race with them in the rough water. Two kids per noodle. Race from the shore to my Aunt

Noodle Fighting
Ha! Wa! Aiiiiiya!! We take the noodle sticks and head to the battlefield. (I'll explain below)

The Fighter's Club
It has ranks of:
Super Junior
Super Fighter
Master Fighter
We have one master fighter, two fighters, and one lean mean bean fighting machine Super Junior. (He says lol) We have our fighter wands. The masters is pretty long. Super Juniors get a practice one. Moving to the next rank is below.

The Fighter's Tour
I don't usually show this tour to people because they'll think I'm crazy. First in the back. A tent where we sleep then we move along to the place half shaded half sun and where master fisherman fishes early in the morning. There we meditate as cotton falls from the Cottonwood trees with a swift breeze while we meditate. Next the nice grassy way as the grass sways as we walk and a nice strong breeze comes. It's the passage to the battlefield. In the battlefield green and grassy. You can do many things there.

Moving up a rank you need a fighting test.
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My Birthday Party!! You're not invited
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