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 Kittypet/Loner/Rogue Cats (Accepted Cats That Are Out of Clans)

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PostSubject: Kittypet/Loner/Rogue Cats (Accepted Cats That Are Out of Clans)   Fri Jun 06, 2008 4:22 am

Roxy ~ she-cat ~ a smaller sized she-cat. Very long golden almost honey colored fur. Paws are delicate, claws are vicious. Her tail curls slightly at the end. Ears a smaller correctly portioned size for her body. Herpaws have samall wite stripes in them ~ she is very kind, compassionate, caring.Has quite the additude, sarcastic, impatient. Is lonely at times, when there is one, flirty with a tom. Understnading. Is able to tell lies from the truth. Fierce, and bold when battle comes ~ has never had kits before, would love to join a clan depending apon if there's something there she wants, as in maybe an open tom.........
Blacky ~ tom ~ He's an all black cat, white chest and paws, very sleek smooth looking. Has muscle in his arms ~ Awesome, slightly annoying at times, charming, bold, easy going, laid back, care free, funny, protective bold, funny ~ has lived in no territory since kithood. Mother and others have been gone for many moons. Has never met a clan. But has met plenty of she'cats can't find the right one yet.
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Kittypet/Loner/Rogue Cats (Accepted Cats That Are Out of Clans)
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